various styles of wolf necklaces

Wolf Necklaces

Among jewelry at the effigy of the wolf, necklaces are with no doubt the most represented. This article will help you to see clearer in this plethoric choice. We hope this piece of text will lead you to find the wolf necklace you were always dreamed about.

  1. Cabochons necklaces
  2. Beads
  3. Viking wolves
  4. Pendant necklaces
  5. Big chain
  6. Friendship and couple
  7. Oil diffuser
  8. Medals
  9. Amulets and talismans
  10. Military dog tags
  11. Minimalists
  12. Wolf howling at the moon
  13. Natural stone
  14. Wolf tooth necklaces

1) Cabochon necklace

There are two types of cabochons.

The first are gems preserved in their original form, polished and uncut. Their rounded projection is devoid of facets. Gemstone cabochon necklaces are very expensive.

The latter are made of curved polished glass and have the same shape as the gemstone cabochons. This glass dome serves to protect and enhance the art pieces placed under it.

Wolf Necklaces
Wolf cabochon necklaces

2) Beads necklace

The pearl necklaces can be made of natural or synthetic pearls.The natural materials used for this type of jewelry are multiple, it can be natural stones, precious or semi precious stones, wood, mother of pearl …

Synthetic beads are often made of inexpensive materials such as acrylic like in costume jewelry.

3) Viking and celtic

These jewels refer to the Nordic, Celtic and Viking cultures. They are made of one or more symbols specific to these cultures as the Celtic cross, the Valknut, the horn of Odin, the Vegvisir, the runes and many others.

Symbol of wealth, reflection of a social status, currency, bearer of power or elements of protection jewelry have for the Nordic cultures a powerful meaning.

4) Pendant necklace

It is simply a necklace with a pendant attached to it. No matter its shape, material, color or style.

5) Big chain

We defined as Big chain the heavy necklace made of steel, silver or metal alloy. Chain types can vary in size, thickness and style. On >olves’Lair you can find among other types : bead, byzantine, figaro, mesh, rope…

Wolf Necklaces
Double viking wolf heads necklace

6) Friendship and couple necklace

Friendship necklaces also called best friend are very similar to lovers or couple necklace. As the saying goes, “a true friend is the greatest of all blessings”. It is therefore important to honor and appreciate your closest friends. A friendship or couple necklace is a unique and special gift to give to your loved ones. This necklace is distinctive, exceptional and will forever remain a treasure for the one you give it to.

These bracelets appeared… a long, long time ago. The first ones were exchanged during antiquity. However, it is only since the 1980s that they have become “fashionable”. They are currently offered exclusively to a loved one as a sign of remembrance.

Wolf Necklaces
Frienship and couple necklace

There are different types of friendship and couple necklaces. They differ in terms of colors, widths and designs. The most common types among these necklaces include : letters, heart, numbers, symbols (yin and yang…), animals… On Wolves’Lair you will find plenty of wolf friendship and couple necklaces. This is a ideal gift for a birthday or Valentine Day.

7) Aromatherapy or essential oil diffusers

Aromatherapy has the power to do wonders for your body, mind and soul. This is because the scent of essential oils can evoke powerful memories and emotions. For example, smelling the scent of a loved one will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed, but that’s not the only benefit.

Smell can also heal physical and emotional wounds. Therefore, millions of people enjoy using essential oils distilled from natural plants, as they have many healing powers that rejuvenate the mind and soul.

Essential oil diffuser jewelry comes with a compartment to hold a few drops of essential oil. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets are the three most popular types of essential oil jewelry, and these jewelry pieces come in many different styles.They usually have a small vented compartment to hold a stone lava bead, sponge or cotton.

8) Medals

It is a jewel that we wear around the neck thanks to the support of a chain. Round, oval or square, it has a pattern, an inscription, it is worn in honor of a person or a significant event. It also has religious connotations like the medal of the Virgin and Child, Christ or angels.

9) Amulets and talismans

Gri-gri, amulets, lucky charms, fetishes, talismans… These objects have existed since the dawn of time. Drawings, necklaces, rings, jewels, stones that have fallen from the sky, over the centuries and civilizations, women and men have worn them in the hope of promoting good luck, healing themselves, being happy! Talismans and amulets appeared thousands of years ago, sometimes in other forms, under other names and are still present in our lives.

The main purpose of the amulet is to protect the person who wears it. Its first virtue is therefore protection. It is moving away the dangers. It can protect against misfortune, ward off bad luck and the evil eye, as well as keep evil spirits at bay. On Wolves’Lair you will find amulet necklaces that come with a pendant made of semi-precious stone, in a shape of a wolf claw, head, teeth…engraved with magic words and symbols.

A talisman is an object that has supernatural powers. Indeed, each talisman has a specific purpose, which was assigned to it when it was made. It can be a talisman of happiness, a talisman of love to find a soulmate or even a talisman of wealth. It all depends on the purpose of the owner. In astrology, talismans are used a lot. Each sign of the zodiac is assigned a specific talisman.

On Wolves’lair we have some really great wolf amulets. But if you really love magic we highly recommend you this amazing online shop dedicated to amulets. They have an extensive collection of unique wonderful pieces! Click on Charm and Amulet.

10) Military dog tag

Originally, the military dog tag is an element of the uniform that provides the identity of the person who wears it, in case the circumstances of his death (disfigurement, disappearance of his comrades, etc.) would compromise the certainty of his identification. The military dog tag necklace is engraved with the holder’s identity.

With time dog tags became a real piece of jewelry that is engraved with quotes, caracters, names, faces, animals, letters and other symbols.

11) Minimalist

This trend first appeared in art and design and has evolved into a real movement. The principles of minimalism have found their way into architecture, lifestyle, clothing and jewelry.Minimalism in jewelry takes up its basic principles. The basic lines are extracted from sometimes complex patterns resulting in a creation that is often recognizable but always simplified, sometimes to the extreme only to extract its essence. In our minimalist necklace collection, you will discover the true beauty and personality behind the minimalist mantra: “Less is More”.

Wolf Necklaces
Minimalist wolf necklace

12) Wolf howling to the moon

The image of the wolf inscribed in the disc of the moon evokes in a subliminal way the spiritual connection.
We are faced with a powerful icon symbolizing a rallying cry to the astral world.
This image, in addition to manifesting a perfect alliance of opposites (high and low, animality and pure spirit, dark and light) proposes a soothing manifestation of solitude in the face of the immensity and beauty of the cosmos.
Some will see in it a sublimated pain, the romantic song of a creature of the night, or the expression of an inner strength. On Wolves’Lair you will find many necklace with a wolf howling to the moon as a pendant.

13) Natural stone

Some choose natural stones for their beauty and durability. Others wear them for their healing powers, know as lithoterapy.

The lithotherapy is a non-conventional medicine that uses stones to heal. The term comes from the Greek word lithos, meaning stone, and therapeia, meaning cure.

It is based on the idea that stones and minerals have therapeutic virtues. According to the principle of lithotherapy, they would emit vibrations, they would have a resonance capable of acting on the body to improve the well-being of the person in contact with them, or at least in their proximity.

Placed closed to the body as a necklace, bracelet, earring or even just in a pocket the stones would make it possible to regenerate and rebalance the being in its entirety: that is to say as much on the physical level as psychic.

14) Wolf tooth

If you love wolf jewelry there are two pieces you must have. The first is the wolf howling at the moon and the second is the wolf tooth necklace. Here we don’t call about real tooth, at wolves’lair we always fight against animal cruelty so you will never find any necklace with a real wolf tooth on wolves’lair. But we have many artificial tooth necklace made of crystal, stone, stainless steel, silver and many other materials..

All over the world people love wolf tooth as the amulet of lucky and protection. It is also a symbol of strength and courage. The wolf tooth necklace can also be seen as an amulet of courage, power and intelligence.

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