Wolf Paintings

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Discover our collection of Wolf Paintings. You will find a wide choice of decoration ideas with our contemporary paintings, reproductions on canvas or decorative paintings.
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Your interior decoration will take on a modern art form with these sublime paintings to hang in your favorite rooms.
The design of our wolf paintings is meticulously controlled.
Each of our wolf frames are meticulously constructed entirely by hand and in our own factories with environmentally friendly materials. Our wolf paintings follow meticulous manufacturing processes and are entirely under expert control. The frames are checked at each manufacturing process. The print quality of our paintings is revolutionary. We use state-of-the-art printers that ensure optimal ink projection for exceptional colour rendering and high definition image quality. All paints and inks applied are odourless and free of harmful substances. They are suitable for the bedroom.
Canvas print
Our wolf paintings are available in different sizes. You will also find paintings in several parts: 1 piece, 3 parts or in 5 frames.
Our canvas prints have a matt satin finish, not glossy. This allows a reflection-free rendering even in very bright rooms for a better decoration of your living room.
Our digital prints on canvas are classic and timeless, which means they fit naturally and easily into any decorating style and make them one of the most popular photo gift ideas. Thanks to their versatility, they will also look great in your home for years to come.
Durability of our paintings
Wolves’Lair wolf paintings are made with top quality materials designed to last a lifetime. We use high quality 405 GSM satin poly/cotton canvas. Our wooden frames (sashes) are designed with rough oak woods to be as sturdy as possible. Our Loup boutique prints its canvases using the Canvas process with professional inks so that the images remain vivid and do not fade over time.
A pleasant texture
One of the advantages of our shop’s canvas printing is its exceptional textured canvas weave. Texture not only adds a layer of visual interest to your décor, it also helps to reduce image imperfections. It adds relief and depth to our decorative paintings.
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