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Wolf Necklace
Nordic Double Axes Runes


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This Wolf Necklace comes from Viking Culture and Mythology. It shows 2 axes, the most common weapon among Vikings. These two axes are engraved with a Raven and a Wolf. The bird represents the Ravens of Odin Huginn and Muninn. The Wolf represents Geri and Freki, the Wolves of Odin. Finally, two runes are engraved, Algiz and Othalaz.

  • Material: zing alloy (do not blacken, do not oxidize)
  • Chain type: snake chain 
  • Color: silver
  • Chain length: 24 in. (60 cm)
  • Pendant Size: 2 in. x 1 in. (4 cm x 3 cm)

In Norse mythology, Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory) are the two messenger ravens that accompany Odin. At dawn, they depart and travel through the nine worlds and return the next morning to report back to the god what they have seen and heard, whispering it in his ear.

In Viking mythology, it is told that after creating the world with his brothers, Odin began to travel but soon felt lonely. He then decided to create the first wolves that he named Geri and Freki, which means voracious or greedy. At Odin’s side, the wolves traveled the world and gradually populated it with wolves. The two wolves also watched over Odin, while one slept, the other stayed awake. At Valhalla, Odin gave all his food to Geri and Freki, himself content with wine.

The Algiz rune is the fifteenth of the ancient Futhark. It is the symbol of protection against the potential negative flows that seek to reach us. Intimately linked to magic, this rune brings us a precious help, coming from the spiritual world, against the prejudices that certain negative energies could cause us.

Algiz echoes the spear of Odin, the main god of northern mythology who is connected to the dead, victory and knowledge. Odin is also considered the patron of magic, poetry, war, hunting, and prophecy. His spear evokes the divine force that defeats the negative forces that try to hinder our path.

The rune Algiz is also close to the reed of the moose. What should we retain from this analogy? That we must be doubly vigilant when using the force offered to us, because it could turn against us.

In the past, the harvesting of the reed necessitated that one redoubled precautions, because the slightest cut could cause an infection of the blood and the death of the subject by poisoning. The protection offered to us must push us to be prudent and measured in our actions, at the risk that this power could end up harming us. The reed is also known for its flexibility coupled with resistance.

In more mythology Othalaz represents the importance to take into consideration our heritage, in this spiritual quest that is coming to an end, the death. In particular, it helps us to strengthen the existing links between the members of our close entourage.

The form of Othala reminds us that this inherited heritage is protected. Nevertheless, its open lines reveal the possible transmission of this heritage to our entourage.

Whether we consider this rune on a secular, sacred or spiritual level, Othala always brings us back to the solid base of our heritage, which gives us a form of inner serenity. This rune represents a kind of state of grace, a harmonious and spiritually rich period. It invites us to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of life.

The rune Othala helps us to carry out a work of introspection, a kind of final punctuation to the spiritual journey we have undertaken so far. This phase of introspection will allow us to move more serenely towards our future. The heritage we have acquired, be it spiritual, family or intellectual, should ensure a more fulfilling life at each stage we go through.

SKU: S-WOLJEW-12606 Categories: , Tags: , , , , Brand: Wolves'Lair


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Nordic Double Axes Runes”
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