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Wolf T-Shirt


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This Fenrir t-shirt is perfect for you if you love wolves, scandinavian culture and vikings !

In Nordic mythology, Fenrir (“inhabitant of the swamps”) or Fenrisúlfr (“Fenrir’s wolf”) or Fenris is a gigantic wolf, son of the god Loki and the giant Angrboda, the messenger of misfortune. His brother is Jörmungandr, the serpent of Midgard, and his sister is Hel, who reigns over the world of the dead. Considered too powerful and dangerous by the gods, Fenrir is shackled by a cunning and will free himself for the prophetic battle of Ragnarök during which he will swallow Odin and then be violently slaughtered by Vidar, one of the sons of the god.

  • 3D HD+ design: top digital printing
  • Anti-friction : high comfort, strong and very soft fabric
  • Anti-Transpiration : Ultra-fast drying capacity
  • UNISEX T-Shirt
  • Machine wash: 30 degrees (optimal preservation)
  • Composition: 95% Polyester + 5% Spandex

🐺 Don’t forget to refer to the Size Guide! The T-Shirt fits quite small, the team recommends you 1 size up just to be on the safe side. 🐺

S67 cm (26.4 in)94 cm (37 in)42 cm (16.5 in)
M70 cm (27.6 in)100 cm (39.4 in)44 cm (17.3 in)
L73 cm (28.7 in)106 cm (41.7 in)48 cm (18.9 in)
XL75 cm (29.5 in)112 cm (44.1 in)50 cm (19.7 in)
XXL77 cm (30.3 in)116 cm (45.7 in)52 cm (20.5 in)
3XL79 cm (31.1 in)122 cm (48 in)56 cm (22 in)
SKU: N/A Category: Tags: , , , , Brand: Wolves'Lair


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