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Wolf Necklace
Othala Rune Axe Head


Axe and Wolf, two symbols of the forest wilderness. This Wolf Necklace as a pendant in a shape of an Axe Head. An Othila (or Othala, Odal rune) Rune is engraved on the top. Othila (or Othala, Odal rune) is the symbol of ancestors, master, power and quest. It’s the rune of the accomplishment.

The Odal Rune is the penultimate rune of the ancient Futhark. It is also the seventh rune of the Aett of Tyre. It is the symbol of the inheritance of our ancestors, from a spiritual, family or intellectual point of view. It refers to the assets that we gleaned during a course strewn with tests, failures and victories.

This rune reminds us how important it is for us as seekers to consider our heritage in our spiritual quest. In particular, it helps us to strengthen the existing links between the members of our close circle.

The form of Othila reminds us that this heritage is protected. Nevertheless, its open lines reveal the possible transmission of this heritage to our entourage.

Whether we consider this rune on a secular, sacred or spiritual level, Othala always brings us back to the solid base of our heritage, which gives us a form of inner serenity. This rune represents a kind of state of grace, a harmonious and spiritually rich period. It invites us to enjoy the benefits and pleasures that life offers us.

The rune Othala helps us to carry out a work of introspection, a kind of final punctuation to the spiritual journey we have undertaken so far. This phase of introspection will allow us to move more serenely towards our future. The heritage we have acquired, spiritual, family or intellectual, should ensure a more fulfilling life at each stage we go through.

On a psychological and human level, the rune Othala invites us to strengthen the ties with our loved ones. These exchanges will help our personal development.

  • Material: Stainless Steel and alloy
  • Color: steel
  • Chain length: 60 cm (23.6 cm)


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Othala Rune Axe Head”
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